Kombat Kanine Success Stories

I discovered Kombat Kanine about 6 years ago, at a horse show, in Ocala FL.. I watched passing dogs readily eating it. When I heard that it was a natural flea repellent, I bought my first bucket then and there. I have Irish Setter show dogs, and as a newcomer to FL, I was concerned with the flea and tick problems that are inherent in the south.

I avoid using chemicals on my dogs when I can, and Kombat Kanine was the answer to my prayers. Here it is, 6 years later, and I have not had any issues with ticks or fleas. My dogs are healthy, with beautiful show coats. They compete throughout the south, traveling, showing, staying in hotels. The life of a show dog is full of stressful events, yet my guys accept the upheaval with absolute calm. I believe that  Kombat Kanine contributes to their overall good health, and I am thankful that I discovered it all those years ago.  

Margie Arnett

Living in Southeast Texas, we have many, many mosquitos! I myself live close to the river and my poor dogs are constantly fighting off the mosquitos and biting flies. I actually started using this product for our show cattle – before Kombat Kanine came out – and it worked great on them for their coats, anxiety at the shows and it also helped repel flies off of them.

When Kombat Kanine became available, I tried it on my dogs to see if it would help with the mosquito problem. I can literally see the mosquitos flying around the dogs but never landing on them, it’s amazing. I give it to my geriatric Rat Terrier for flea control instead of using other medications and she hasn’t had fleas since I started it a couple of years ago. We have several clients that buy it for these same reasons, and they are very pleased. I have to say that this is a wonderful product!

Teri Young, RVT, LVT
Countryside Veterinary Clinic

I received these and found them beneficial to add to my dogs food as he was struggling with seasonal allergies. They seemed to really help keep his allergies at bay and he ate every bite. His skin was really red and itchy and it became more clear and less itchy from this product.

Amy Beckler

Just wanted to say how much I like the product Kombat Kanine. I live along side a marsh in an area of Manitoba Canada where ticks are prevalent. My dogs (recreational sled team and agility) have free run over our property during the summer and in 2017, by using Kombat Kanine, the dogs did not have a single tick (and I checked daily). I continued to feed Kombat Kanine over the winter and their coats are gorgeous. Thanks for such a great product. I promote it every chance I get and wouldn’t be without it.

 Muriel S

My elderly dog went to bouncing around like a puppy after 2 weeks on the supplement. I ran out and didn’t reorder for a bit and two weeks after we ran out she was laying around doing nothing. Got the new order, put her back on, two weeks later bouncing like a puppy again. She has since passed, but I recommend that people try your supplement with their elderly animals before giving up on them. I cannot express enough thanks for having a product that has improved the quality of life for my animals SO much.

Emily Kenyon

This is Roper, an 8-yr. old male Australian Shepherd. He was rescued by Jordan Smith, Ocala, Florida, in August 2014 and was started on a regimen of Dog-Brew in October, 2014.

Dog - Before and After Photographs

Jordan S

I just wanted to write to you and say thank you. A friend of mine told me about your product because my pit bull has bad allergies and with all the season changes, even though we are in Florida, he has a rough time. He gets breakouts and has all of the classic allergy signs found in a dog. I first ordered this product 6 months ago exactly and it has made a world of difference. He no longer has break outs and all of his symptoms have gone away. His shedding has gone down tremendously as well. And also he really enjoys it. He waits for me to pour it before he goes in. Again thank you for a great product.

Kate H