Kombat Boots Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I feed Kombat Boots just until my horse has reached good health and then stop?
A: The effects of yeast are somewhat temporary (7-10 days). If you discontinue the feeding of Kombat Boots, the horse’s digestive system will soon revert to the state it was prior to the use of Kombat Boots.

Q: Can I feed the daily dosage all at once, or is it better to split it up into 2 servings a day?
A: It is much more effective to split up the daily dosage in to 2 servings throughout the day if at all possible. Best if fed with the feed in the a.m. and then with the feed in the p.m. 

Example: 4 oz. in the a.m. and 4 oz. in the p.m.

Q: Can I overfeed Kombat Boots?
A: There’s no danger in over feeding Kombat Boots to your horse. Horses will simply not use what they don’t need. If you let them, horses will eat more than they need, however it does not do them any good after a certain point. One exception would be to not overfeed to a horse with a high-risk diet.

Q: Can I cut back to half rations after a few months of use?
A: No, a horse has to get its requirement for the product to work. It is a numbers game. If you do not feed the minimum recommended dose, the product, and yeast for that matter, will not carry out its major function. It won’t happen overnight, but a horse will soon return to its pre-Kombat Boots state if the right dose is not fed.

Q: How can Kombat Boots significantly cut my costs of operations and what are the benefits of having every horse on the product?
A: It is very easy. Call us for further details and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: Why don’t I see the same results with other yeast products? Yeast is all the same, right?
A: Wrong, yeast is not all the same. The required amount and quality of yeast significantly dictates its effectiveness in an animal. Kombat Boots works so well for two crucial reasons: 

  1. the amount of yeast it provides on a daily basis
  2. the quality of yeast used in its production.

Q: What is the difference between Kombat Boots and other health products for digestive tract problems? Can I use them at the same time?
A: The main difference is that Kombat Boots gets right to the root of the problem. From there, the overall health of the horse improves in a domino-like fashion. There are some great products available on the market one could use to compliment Kombat Boots. However, there isn’t anything to replace the product. Yes, you can use Kombat Boots at the same time as everything else. You do not have to change your existing dietary regimen should you choose not to.