About Kombat Boots

A domesticated horse has a very inefficient digestive system. Kombat Boots will improve a horse’s digestive function and feed utilization by at least 20% and as much as 45%. You can expect to cut your feed bills down significantly. Your horse will be eating less and getting more nutrition out of their feed.

Almost immediately you will see a change in the manure. Loose stools will firm up and you will see a healthier deposit.

In 3-4 weeks you will see changes in coat and hoof condition. Hoof problems will heal more quickly and within a few months, the hoof will be growing 40% – 50% faster. Many unseen changes are also taking place inside the cecum. The yeast cell wall breakdown is producing CO2 which will help reduce E-Coli and Salmonella bacteria. That same CO2 is also reducing the lactic acid buildup in muscles during training & racing, giving your horse the competitive edge they need for superior performance.

Kombat Boots Information

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