Christina's Story

Kombat Boots Success Stories

I have to reach out and tell you that your product saved my horse! She never grew foot, she could go more than 12 weeks before needing any kind of “trim”. Her feet were so brittle and soft that they would disintegrate with or without shoes. My farrier (Joe Bradshaw) recommended your product to me over a year ago and I couldn’t be happier! She successfully kept her shoes on when we were showing, no more breaks, chips or cracks in her feet. Now that her career has slowed a bit (due to epm) she is barefoot and thriving. Her feet since being turned out have not chipped once in 6 weeks and she is able to be ridden without shoes. I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful product!

In the after pictures I sent, that’s her 5 weeks after a trim and turned out on 60 acres! And they still look amazing!