Fat Chance Farm: Kristen's Story

Kombat Boots Success Stories

We are happy to be an ambassador for other non sweaters in need. He came to me as a OTTB foster from a rescue to be rehabbed and I’ve literally tried everything. From One AC, omega sweat, acupuncture, aqua puncture, to even a Guinness beer twice a day and only achieved minimal results that were only in the winter months.

When a friend recommended a new product I took it in stride with minimal hopes but of course I had to at least try. Now I’m blown away! We have been searching for an answer for 5 years. We even participated in a study at UF for horses with anhidrosis.

I’m so thankful my old man can finally sweat and regulate his temp so he’s not miserable.

Let me know if you need anything else from us and thank you for reaching out.

- Kristen and the not-so non sweater!