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Kombat Boots Success Stories

Living in Southeast Texas, we have many, many mosquitos! I myself live close to the river and my poor dogs are constantly fighting off the mosquitos and biting flies. I actually started using this product for our show cattle – before Kombat Kanine came out – and it worked great on them for their coats, anxiety at the shows and it also helped repel flies off of them.

Kombat Kanine became available, I tried it on my dogs to see if it would help with the mosquito problem. I can literally see the mosquitos flying around the dogs but never landing on them, it’s amazing. I give it to my geriatric Rat Terrier for flea control instead of using other medications and she hasn’t had fleas since I started it a couple of years ago. We have several clients that buy it for these same reasons, and they are very pleased. I have to say that this is a wonderful product!