The Service is Personal When I Call

The Service is Personal When I Call

I have reported the super results my steeds have had with Kombat Boots, but happy to say it again!

I have a rescue donkey who shed his brillo pad, sun-bleached  “coat”, after being on Kombat Boots for a few months. This dry, wiry hair had been on his body for 3 years and I thought he just was unhealthy looking. He is a shiny dark brown now!

A four year old Westphalian gelding came to me with bruised feet that couldn’t hold shoes. His feet are so healthy after having been on Kombat Boots for a year that I can leave him barefoot or put shoes on him! 

I order the box and would never not have it in my barn. 

The service is personal when I call. The order is processed that day and on its way. Win Win all the way around!!!