Savanah's Story

Kombat Boots Success Stories

Scoot Boot Rep – Stacy Pratt @ Heartland Scoot boots

Hi there! My name is Savanah and I am located in New Brighton Pennsylvania at Ready Yourselves Youth Ranch. My personal horse, Scout, had struggled for years with having shoes on his front hooves.

Finally with the help of many people we transitioned to barefoot in August of 2021. The first year was super hard and the roughest time during the transition. I was able to get in contact with a wonderful Scoot boot rep to help me with boots and a certified equine nutritionist to help with Scout’s diet.

With the help of Dale, I transitioned him to an all forage diet and added key minerals to achieve optimal nutrition for Scout. I had tried several other valuable supplements that he just would not eat no matter how I mixed it in (Vermont Blend, lone Star Trace, KIS Trace).

Dale Rudin - Certified Equine Nutritionist

In March of 2022 we started adding Kombat Boots into his diet. He ate it no problem. Now he won’t eat his food without the Kombat Boots in it! Without a doubt this product has tremendously helped Scout with hoof growth and being a better barefooter!

I will continue to feed Kombat Boots to my guy and would love to start my colt on it soon! It is super easy to feed since it’s already a pellet! Love the Kombat Boots, and my super picky horse loves it too.

-Savanah Bonzo – Ready Yourselves Youth Ranch