Mouse's Story

Mouse's Story

Mouse was a MESS! He came to me in October of ’16. Sixteen year old Percheron. Had been in need through the last two owners. Two owners prior to me were short termers. Good hearts and desires, but given various circumstances, they were not going to be able to fix the Mouse. And too many lessors by way of owner before them. Too many locations, too many vets, too many cursory glances, I fear. For one reason and another, not enough commitment to this wonderful fellow.

In his first year here, he had abscess after abscess after abscess. We soaked his feet more days through that first year than we didn’t! Right through the winter. All four feet were involved on a seemingly rotating basis.

He has been on Kombat boots for a something better than a year. My farrier was skeptical, but hopeful. Before that he’d been on double strength Farrier’s Formula.

Long story short. Mouse gallops every day. His last abscess began brewing on 12-7-17 and cleared in early January. We have been abscess free for the last four months! Astonishing! His feet are slow growing, but we have every hope that the old messy feet will grow out and be beautiful! Right now each foot shows evidence of big ugly abscesses of the past. But. He. Is. Sound!!!!! And galloping every day.

What a happy happy circumstance! What a happy happy horse! What a delighted owner. Just re-upped on the Kombat Boots. Mouse is a lifer.

-Mike C about his horse, Mouse