Dale Rudin: Pure Joy Horse Haven, Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

Kombat Boots Success Stories

I have been giving my horses Kombat Boots and recommending it to my clients for over 3 years. It has been a tremendous help in stabilizing hind gut issues, resolving ulcers, and restoring overall health.

I am a Certified Equine Nutritionist and trainer who specializes in equine rehabilitation. I work with horses with chronic hoof problems like laminitis, founder, flat soles and thin walls. Kombat Boots and a balanced diet gets those troubled feet healthy every time. It works great for reducing chronic and acute inflammation too. If I have a horse that got too much grass or shows signs of metabolic distress, I give them a generous serving asap and see improvement right away. I love how K Boots reduces the detrimental effects of changes in hay, pasture, or other stressors. Kombat Boots helps horses that need to gain or lose weight too, because it stabilizes the digestive system.

The research on the benefits of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae is indisputable. It lowers acid pH and increases the digestibility of fiber. It is also likely to boost the immune system. I have seen improvement in hoof health, skin and coat condition, allergen tolerance, inflammation, digestive and metabolic issues, and increased utilization of nutrients.

Check out these dramatic before and after Kombat Boots pictures. The photos of the chestnut mare were taken 2.5 weeks apart. The hoof photos were taken less than a year apart. Notice the a huge increase in wall and sole thickness as well as improvement in shape and heel development. In addition to training, rehab, and nutrition consulting, I run an equine rescue and sanctuary. I deal with horses that have experienced high levels of emotional and physical stress. Kombat Boots is an essential part of my program to restore their health.



-Dale Rudin - Certified Equine Nutritionist