I Am a Firm Believer in Kombat Kure

I Am a Firm Believer in Kombat Kure

When I purchased my horse (Mr. Perfect) several years ago I wasn’t aware of his chipped and cracked hooves. To improve the condition of his hooves I used a supplement that I saw at Horse Expo, but there was no change.  I turned to my veterinarian who recommended I use (as he does) Kombat Boots.

After several shoeings my farrier noticed much improvement in Buck’s hooves and now I have a horse with healthy and good looking hooves.

In my order I received a flyer outlining the benefits of Kombat Kure joint treatment.  I was very excited to receive this because my horse would have occasional swelling in the pastern/fetlock area after riding.  The swelling was most prevalent during camping trips when he was confined to a small pen.

Since I’ve begun using this product my horse has had no swelling at home after rides, or while camping; even without daily exercise.  I am a firm believer in Kombat Kure and will keep this in his daily diet!

Wish I could take it for my arthritis!